Windows 8 to be Written in LOLCODE?

On Saturday at BarCamp Melbourne, Nick Hodge, from the evangelist team at Microsoft, gave a lightning talk about something that makes the geeks at MS very excited - LOLCODE.

Soon you won’t need Visual Studio any more, you can just code in MSN Windows Live Messenger. Twitter is fast becoming the distributed version control system of choice.

Afterwards I was talking to Nick about it and he suggested that Windows 8 might be written in LOLCODE. Apparently LOLCODE is a bit too cutting edge for Windows 7. You heard it here first!

For those of you still considering switching from PHP to Ruby, don’t! Instead you can try out LOLCODE from the comfort of PHP. Does this mean that one day you could run Windows under PHP, under Linux, now that would be a crazy new virtualisation engine.

<insert appropriate LOLCat here />