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Another coder along the way

Today I went with Julie for our first midwife visit. Julie is almost 10 weeks pregnant! We are pretty excited. Noah has been telling a few people about "the baby in mummy's tummy" over the last couple of weeks.

It doesn't seem as scary the second time around. Noah is already pretending to tickle the baby and take the baby out so he can play with it or read to it. Pretty cute.

If everything goes to plan bubba #2 will be born on or around 26 November at the Family Birth Centre at the local hospital. Noah was born there and we were really happy with our experience there.

While we were at the hospital today we saw the picture of Noah at 1 day old on their baby wall, which was pretty cool.

We had hoped that Noah would be cranking our code by now, but that hasn't happened, even though he started well.

Noah coding @ 2 months

Lets hope the next one can keep up the progress ;)