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Webarama? Spamarama!

Some businesses have a strange way of promoting their services. Many years ago I used webarama for hosting a small client site. I cancelled the service over 4 years ago as the client no longer needed the site. I didn't really have any problems with them that I can remember, but I won't be recommending them to anyone after they spammed me about a new anti spam service they were offering.
Dear Dave, As part of our ongoing commitment to provide new features to clients we are pleased to announce the launch of our Anti Spam management interface for shared hosting clients, following on from the recent announcement of our free Anti Spam & Anti Virus system. The My-Spam interface allows you to take control of your email, specifying custom spam scores, deletion of spam email and specifying white and blacklisted email addresses. ...
Maybe webarama need to familiarise themselves with the Australian Spam Act 2003 there is a good summary CAUBE.AU's website. I will be emailing webarama a link to this post and will see what they have to say. Stay tuned.

In the interests of a fair balanced article

David Hooper wrote:

This reply was provided to the author 18 minutes after he contacted us;


Recently we launched our new website. As part of that process we moved to a new CRM for the purposes of billing and client support. When we decided to advise clients of the launch of this new feature (the anti-spam solution), the lead tech who had put together the feature was the one who sent out the email. In doing so he made two errors;

1. He did not include an email signature 2. He sent the email to ALL clients, rather than just the active ones. As such, ex-clients were also included in the mail-out.

I apologise for the error. As one of the Directors of the company, I have taken several steps to ensure we never make this mistake again;

1. I have modified all ex-clients contact email accounts to an alternate address (eg. [email protected]) 2. I have counseled the staff member who made the error. 3. I have instigated a policy that only management may instigate mail-outs of this nature.

Webarama has never knowingly spammed anybody, and we are extremely active in addressing spam issues with our clients. We spend a great deal of support time with clients advising them on issues relating to spam, and have indeed linked clients to the CAUBE site ourselves on many occasions.

If you'd like me to discuss this with you further, I'd welcome the opportunity to have a chat with you directly. My direct extension is 9001, the phone number is in my signature below.

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In the interests of customer service

Dave wrote:
I emailed webarama, and the only response I received was:
Dave Hall ([Former Client Name]), Thank you for contacting Webarama Support. A support ticket has now been opened for your request. We will respond to you via email as soon as possible. The details of your ticket are shown below. Subject: Re: Webarama My-Spam Launch Priority: Medium Status: Open You can view the ticket at any time at [URL]
I never received any notification that the ticket had been updated. Any decent ticketing system notifies users via email of updates if the ticket is submitted via email. I haven't had time to copy and paste the reply from webarama, since I became aware of it. I still think it is a case of closing the gate after the horse has bolted.
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I also received this spam

Anonymous wrote:

I also received this spam email after leaving Webarama. Webarama were by far the worst host I have ever encountered. With complaints ranging from closing "upgrading" the servers just before Christmas, and this occurred 4 years in a row and sabotaging my business by being effectively down or intermittingly down for 4 weeks, deleting my mail script twice despite the fact that it was the new recommended script, and deleting my password file. Pretty much the equivalent of burning down my business. After receiving the notification of the spam months after leaving them, I contacted them and immediately I received a deluge of spam in response! Months later I traced a hack on business site by one of their technicians.It was without doubt the most appalling amateur outfit I have come across - with clear problems of understanding basic security architecture. Initially I went to Webarama on the advice of an extremely poor business consultant/charlatan. To disentangle with them both has been fraught with difficulties that are bordering on the criminal.

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