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Want to Work as Head Developer Platform Evangelist at Microsoft Australia?

This was a question posed to me on Friday afternoon by a recruiter from xpand group. I was warned that it was probably the strangest phone call I would get all year, and it was. We chatted for a bit about me and the role.

I was interested in finding out more about the role, so I rang back on Saturday, to discuss the role further. The woman was busy, so we didn't chat for long, but said she would all back later in the evening, she never did. I only have some of the information about the role, so here is what I know.

Basically xpand is hunting for the replacement for Frank Arrigo, the former head of the Developer Platform Evangelism at Microsoft Australia as he is heading off the Redmond. Microsoft is looking to recruit someone from the "Open Source Community" to take on the role. They are also looking for other people from the community to fill roles in the team.

I was told that it was an opportunity to influence Microsoft from the inside. I was told that Microsoft is changing, they recruited Adobe people to help with the development of Silverlight and they helped improve the product. I can't help being cynical about that. I still remember Daniel Robbins and Pia and Jeff's trip to Redmond. I also don't have much interest in working with people who think it is amusing to call FOSS developers communists.

Even if I get a call back later this week, I will not be considering the role. For a short time I had considered going along for the ride and seeing what was on the table and if my assumptions about Microsoft were wrong. After giving google a good workout, I realised that my main role would be hyping something I didn't believe in.

I am still feeling rather flattered that I was contacted about the role. If there was a similar offer from another company which was serious about engaging with the FOSS community or was trying to understand the community more, I would be more tempted. I do enjoy hacking away on stuff, but I also enjoy talking tech with people - especially FOSS tech.

Why didn't they call back? Maybe xpand got me confused with David Hall the evangelist.

ask for lots of money

Russell Coker wrote:

I still think you should have just asked for a heap of money and quit after a year, the publicity would then help you get another position.

It worked for Daniel Robbins. ;)

Not that I'd do it that way - but then I've got my house paid off.

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Scott Barnes wrote:

I was pinched by XPAND Group for this role and work under Frank (technically kind of still do even via Redmond). I came from a non-Microsoft background aswell.

Overall the team is probably the best team I've ever worked with in my entire career. The company, nothing's ever an effort and trust me i've pushed the boundaries quite a lot in the short time i've been here - yet - the patience has held.

I came cold into the .NET community and have never really looked back. If you have to pause and think about this role, then I'm thinking maybe it's not for you :)

- Scott Barnes Developer Evangelist Microsoft Australia.

There are worst jobs in this world, working for Microsoft isn't one of them :P

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FOSS and Communism

Dave Lemphers wrote:

Wow Dave, I hope you didn't take my post about the OSS Communism thing seriously! Working for Microsoft requires a big sense of humour... imagine what it's like walking into a room full off hardcore OSS developers and trying to tell them about .NET? If you can't have a larf, you would top yerself on the first day!

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Rachael Fenne wrote:

Hi David,

Thanks for your email - apologies that I didn't get back to you on Saturday evening. I did try to call you back on Sunday but was unable to reach you.

I'm actually travelling back from Singapore today, am currently in transit and have only just been able to log onto my email to pick up your message. I land back in Sydney tomorrow (Tues) afternoon so will try to get hold of you then.

You can try me on my mobile also which i believe that you have - keen to discuss further.

Kind Regards

Rachael Fenne Xpand Group

Added Tue, 2007-08-07 04:01

From Adobe... but not for Silverlight only...

Nick Hodge wrote:

I am at Microsoft because they have soooo many cool things: Silverlight, Surface, PopFly....

... .Net, IronPython, IronRuby

... and lots of fun geeks

Added Tue, 2007-08-07 14:24