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phpGroupWare Now Using Subversion on savannah

phpGroupWare is now using subversion for its version control system. We are the first project to use svn on savannah. So far the transition has been pretty smooth. The motivation was trying to merge a 80k line unified diff into the phpGW tree from the ReSight tree - something CVS couldn't really handle.

Before switching to SVN, there had been some discussion in the past about which version control system we should use. There were appealing aspects of using a distributed version control system, such as git, which is supported on savannah or bzr and mercurial which aren't. For some the show stopper was the lack of IDE integration and cross platform GUI support. In the end SVN was the only solution which met the needs of our current developer community.

Now that we are using svn, SVK is an interesting option for people who want to keep in sync with our tree, but maintain their own internal trees. As part of the ReSight project, we are looking at using svk to make patch pushing easier for both sides. I will blog about anything which I think the community will find useful, about using SVK with phpgw's SVN repository.

For more information about using SVN with phpGW see the subversion information page on savannah.

There will still be some changes to be made to make nightly builds to function properly again, along with some documentation updates on the website.