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Linksys will Fix the SRW224G4 Firmware - Eventually

Yesterday I spent about 20 minutes discussing the lack of Firefox/gecko engine browser support in the webgui on the SRW224G4 with someone from Linksys. It was an interesting discussion.

When the SRW224G4 was originally released it supported Firefox but this support was dropped in a later revision which added support for new features and an updated user interface. The plan now is to put the Firefox support back in the next major release of the firmware. If I had a revision 1.0 switch I could downgrade my firmware, but the revision 1.0 firmware which supports Firefox will brick a 1.1 unit.

There were no firm commitments given, but I was told that I should see a Firefox compatible firmware for my SRW224G4 released sometime in the first half of 2008.

During the discussion I found out that the SRW224G4 information on Linksys' Australian website is way out of date compared to the US, the current datasheet makes it clear that the product is only usable with IE. I was told that this would be brought to the attention of the appropriate people, and fixed soon. Hopefully the phone support people will also be told what the real situation is with support for Firefox and other gecko based browsers.

Until I get the new firmware, I have 3 options, use a clunky console app for administering my switch, use IE under WINE or return it and get a refund. I am still deciding what I will do.

I don't think Linksys will be on the top of my list of networking kit vendors for a while. Dropping Firefox support is a serious regression in my book, regardless of the reason for it. I know the tech support guys are the first to cop it from users and the last to be informed about product changes, but the lack information about this issue has been very frustrating. The people responsible for maintaining the various Linksys websites should really lift their game.

If anyone can recommend a good supplier of relatively inexpensive, but reliable SIP desktop handsets, please post a comment.

Option 4: Use Opera 9.

Jonathan H N Chin wrote:

Option 4: Use Opera 9.

Added Sat, 2008-01-05 06:02

RE: Option 4: Use Opera 9.

Dave wrote:

Thanks for the tip Jonathan.

This is still a sub optimal solution, unless Opera releases their code under a true free/open source software license.

Added Sat, 2008-01-05 08:38

I couldn't agree more.

Sum Yung Gai wrote:

I couldn't agree more. Dropping support for FOSS browsers is inexcusable. Linksys just went off my list. But I'm not surprised by this development.

Remember that Cisco (the current owner of Linksys) is in bed with Microsoft, just like "Wintel". I know this because I deal with Cisco gear all the time. We've been repeatedly asking Cisco for a Linux version of their Cisco ACS (their RADIUS/TACACS+ authentication product) for years, as they had a Solaris version which wouldn't have been hard to port over. But Cisco keeps saying, basically, "screw you, go away, we're busy." Oh, and they even dropped their Solaris version. Very telling indeed.


Added Tue, 2008-01-22 08:01

Wow wtf. It's like I'm in

Anonymous wrote:

Wow wtf. It's like I'm in 2001 or something.

I don't even know anyone who uses internet explorer anymore really. I mean I guess it's still the dominant browser but Firefox is definitely a large enough marketshare that a large mainstream company with a mass market product shouldn't be ignoring it. Very strange.

Added Tue, 2008-04-01 14:52

Still broken in 2010

Tim wrote:

Just wanted to let you know, it's 3 years later and from what I can tell they haven't lifted a finger to fix this problem. I've got a SRW2048 and it still has the same broken JavaScript inside the firmware. I really hate companies that stagnate like this, especially on a bug that could probably be fixed in under an hour of work.

Added Tue, 2010-06-29 11:01

RE: Still broken in 2010

Dave wrote:

It has been about 2 years since Linksys even bothered to reply to an email from me asking for a status update. I've given up, all of my clients know to avoid Linksys for anything other than basic consumer grade wifi kit.

Added Tue, 2010-06-29 20:56