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<?php print t('hello world'); ?>

My blog is now syndicated on Planet Drupal. I am very excited about this - thanks Simon.

For the last 8 years or so I have been running my own IT consulting business, focusing on free/open source software and web application development. My clients have range from micro businesses up to well known geek brands like SGI. Until recently I lead the phpGroupWare project.

My Drupal profile doesn't really give much of a hint about my involvement with Drupal. My biggest regret is not signing up for a d.o account sooner. I forget when I started using Drupal 4.7, but I liked it straight away. It was the first CMS which worked the way I thought a CMS should work.

Over time I have learned how to get Drupal to do what I want it to do. Due to the massive range of contrib modules I haven't got my hands very dirty hacking on Drupal - yet.

This year I have been involved in a major Drupal project which involves hosting around 2100 sites. Aegir has made a lot of this painless, especially with our 3,000 line install profile. Over the Christmas period I hope to find the time to blog about the setup, parts of it are pretty crazy.

I'll get around to upgrading my site to Drupal 6 one of these days when I get some time, that should coincide with a visual and content refresh. Feel free to check out some of my older Drupal related posts.


fmw wrote:

Hello Dave, Do you know what the "t" means in <?php print t('hello world'); ?>

I tried to look for it, but couldn't find it on google. (that's how I got to your site actually LOL)

Regards, FMW

Added Fri, 2012-11-09 15:09

Hi Dave, I found the answer

fmw wrote:

Hi Dave,

I found the answer here. Thanks anyway :)


Added Fri, 2012-11-09 15:14

RE: What about the entry for the

Dave wrote:

I'm a little shocked at how highly I rank when searching for drupal print t.

Added Mon, 2012-11-12 22:24

You still rank highly, four

Jonathan wrote:

You still rank highly, four years on! I found the answer I was looking for in FMW's comment.


Added Fri, 2016-01-15 21:57