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Making My Nokia SMSes Stop

This is a public service announcement.

Tracy Postill, Corporate Communications Manager at Nokia Australia sent me this response when I enquired as to why it had taken more then 6 months for me to be unsubscribed from the My Nokia service.

There are a number of very simple processes to unsubscribe:

- sending "stop" to +61416906978

- through My Nokia application in phone

- online at www.nokia.com.au/mynokia

- request "unsubscribe" through [email protected]

- Nokia Customer Care (Carline or email support)

This information is presented to consumers in multiple ways:

- after signing in via phone, customer receives a welcome message and information on how to opt-out (SMS)

- ~20% of scheduled SMS contain opt-out information (SMS)

- in every sales pack, there are the T&Cs for MyNokia including all the details of how to opt-out

- My Nokia FAQ on https://my.nokia.com/appmanager/AustraliaEnglishMY_NOKIA_AUSTRALIA/Login?SAMLart=AAQAAYU6%2FZbJFfjRP3cckEAJmxKhSmx8sqF8q2CNtVwZBvZUL6lb%2FBg%2Fmio%3D&RelayState=qh8DL4DVL1Qp9q612ncWTwWvRp6QQKYB52xh1226HJJ1RP14NvQr!-432133733!1266205653496#faq14

My signup text message and terms and conditions were returned to Optus along with everything else that came with my N97. None of the txts I have recieved from My Nokia has contained any opt out information and the FAQ requires a My Nokia account to be able to access it.

I explained to Tracy that I think Nokia has major issues with their processes for unsubscribing from My Nokia, she has "sent this email to our head of care and asked him to follow up on this". I will post a follow up if I receive a response from "head of care". I hope this saves others the hassle of trying to unsubscribe from the service.

Update 25-Feb-2010 The txts have stopped. What an ordeal! Hopefully if you are reading this the options above work for you.

WOW! I'm starting to think

Scott Evans wrote:

WOW! I'm starting to think it would have been easier to cancel that number and get a new one! unless its tied in with the business ... :(

Added Thu, 2010-02-18 01:39

RE: WOW! I'm starting to think

Dave wrote:

The thought had crossed my mind too, but it the primary contact number for my business. Hundreds of people around the world have my number, it isn't cheap to notify them all of a new number - even with bulk text pricing. It's also printed on 1000 business cards.

I'll know by this time next week if I have been unsubscribed.

Added Thu, 2010-02-18 14:30

I always found as soon as I

Nathan Carter wrote:

I always found as soon as I popped my sim card in a new Nokia that you are instantly subscribed. I always subscribed using the MyNokia application and it always seems to work. It's good that there is a procedure for unsubscribing it without a recent Nokia handset.

I must say that Nokia Care is somewhat of a joke, I haven't had much joy with them.

Added Sat, 2010-05-08 22:39

Stopping Nokia SMS s

KarenVT wrote:

I changed phones to a Sony Ericsson and was still getting Nokia messages. Thanks so much for posting that number (sending "stop" to +61416906978 )on your blog and for all the hard work to research and sort this out... it only took me a couple of minutes on Google to find your blog and so I didn't have to go through what you had to go through :))))) Karen, Perth

Added Wed, 2010-05-12 13:27

Stopping Nokia SMS

Len wrote:

I accidently signed up for it, have tried the email to nokia australia, returned from postmaster as addressee unknown. Very disappointing as at other times when have had a frozen phone etc, there help line has been back to me with a solution, which I can print and keep for future, within 3 hours. Len

Added Wed, 2010-05-19 09:56