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Help a Drupal Geek Earn his Way to DrupalCon Chicago

I really want to attend DrupalCon Chicago, which kicks off in just over 4 weeks. The problem is that since DrupalCon Copenhagen business has been pretty quiet and so I find that I can't really afford to fund it myself. After deciding I had to be in Chicago I got creative about how to make it happen. The buy a line project was born.

Instead of just asking people to kick in some cash to get me to Chicago, I felt it was only right to earn my keep. People can buy a line of code, or sentence of documentation for Drupal. All code and docs created will be contributed to drupal.org. Buyers are free to specify where the lines are to be contributed, or leave me to decide. I'm looking forward to writing some of the lines on the Drupal Bus.

Recently I have been working on porting the UUID module to Drupal 7. I hope to get this module into Drupal 8 core. To make this happen I have to be in Chicago! Improvements to UUID will mean that content can be packaged up and moved around like configuration can be using the Features module.

All buy a line issues will be tagged so people can watch my progress. The first lines of code have been contributed to the getID3() module, so Drupal Commons can be installed by Aegir.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. I have almost covered the DrupalCon ticket I bought from the Gizra team.

Please consider buying a line (or more) to help get this Drupal geek to Chicago. This is a great way of getting a module ported to Drupal 7, better documentation or even just a bug fixed. I have a decent track record of contributing to the project.

When deciding how many lines to buy, think about this - if I don't make it to Chicago, who will lock themselves out of their hotel room at 4am - naked!

Excellent idea

oadaeh wrote:

I like this idea. It shows initiative, creativity, a willingness to earn your keep, and a willingness to go after what you desire. I hope you make it there.

Oh, and by the way, your supporters page is 404. :^)

Added Sun, 2011-02-06 07:28

RE: Excellent idea

Dave wrote:


I changed some the URLs on the site and missed a few links that needed updating. I've found them and fixed them - thanks for the bug report.

Added Sun, 2011-02-06 20:55

Did you make it to Drupalcon Chicago?

Katy wrote:

Hi Dave,

Did you make it to Drupalcon Chicago? I hope you did. I like your ideas. While I think $100 USD is too low for a Drupal website for one client, I can see your idea working to build a hosted Drupal solution just like Drupal Gardens. The key is to get high volumne signups to make it work.

Another way to make affordable websites for small budget clients is to make a brochure site with blog as a base site. Save the database and site files and make a copy for the new client. Add their content, modify a free Drupal theme to match their company colors and you can still make a profit.

Katy :-)

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Added Sat, 2011-04-16 12:11