Back in 1967 IBM released a corporate video with the key message “machines should work, people should think”. Five decades on, this is even more important. People need time to think about their work.

Adopting automated processes isn’t a once off project, it is a change in approach. The upfront cost of automating processes is recovered in ongoing cost avoidance and staff are freed up to focus on meeting business objectives.

Within technical teams automating delivery through CI/CD tooling is often a quick win. Applications can be deployed consistently and efficiently by a script, rather than a developer performing it manually. Engineers can then focus on delivering new features into production.

On the business side, there are many opportunities to leverage automation. Most well documented processes can be performed by a script. We can provide the expertise to automate repetitive tasks, which can be exposed via a self service interface, be that a webpage, chatbot or other tooling.

If you want to review your processes and look at what can be automated, talk to DHC.