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Dave Hall Consulting has been using Drupal since 2006, over this time we have built up extensive experience on the platform. We can help you leverage the power of Drupal.

Drupal is one of the world's most popular content management systems. It has been used by The White House, data.worldbank.org and France 24 news.

Deployment and Workflow

Through our many years of experience building Drupal sites, we have learned a lot about the best way to manage Drupal development and deployments. DHC has developed the only solution for deploying code, content and configuration through multiple environments in a coordinated way.


In 2009 DHC deployed the largest multisite instance of Drupal involving 2089 production Drupal 6 sites for a French based chemical industry consulting firm. Through this work we are recognised as one of the experts in scaling Drupal horizontally.

Site Management

We have extensive experience with aegir, drush, installation profiles, features and other advanced Drupal deployment tools. We can help you deploy and maintain sites quickly and efficiently, using modern techniques.


Through our work on Drupal we have developed a range of custom themes and modules, while also contributing back to the Drupal community. We have also integrated other applications with Drupal.


DHC has experience in training both content managers and developers in developing and maintaining Drupal sites. The participants at our training sessions have ranged from experienced developers through to 70 year olds with little computer experience.

Find Out More

If you wish to discuss how DHC can help you use Drupal for your next project, or how to use it more effectively, contact us.