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Free / Open Source Software

We strongly believe that for most tasks the free / open source version is as good or better than the alternative proprietary offering.

At Dave Hall Consulting we use free / open source software for almost everything. This means we have extensive knowledge of the tools that work best, on the desktop, servers or in the cloud.

We can help you mix and match various free / open source offerings with other software to produce the best combination for your business. We can also help you develop a strategy to ensure any transition to open source software will fit with the other demands of your business.

Purchase price should not be the only consideration when deciding to use free / open source software. Generally free / open source software can provide greater flexibility as the source code is available so it is possible to make modifications to best suit your needs. If your business is growing there are no additional licensing costs as you add users to an open source solution.

To find out more about using free / open source software in your business, contact us today.