Open Source

Open Source

Open source is everywhere. Almost every website uses open source components in the stack. Global networks are powered and managed by it. If something contains a chip, then it probably uses some open source. Every new car, mobile phone and TV, along with most other consumer electronics depends on this open ecosystem.

This didn’t happen overnight, it has been a multi decade journey. Dave Hall Consulting has been there from the early days. We’ve watched open source grow from a fringe hobby to mass adoption.

Open source sounds almost too good to be true. You can download and use powerful applications, libraries and tools for free, but there are some important considerations to avoid exposing your organisation to risks.

Many businesses find managing open source within their organisation challenging. How do you ensure that your teams are complying with the terms of the various licenses? What components are bundled into your business critical website? How do you modify open source components in a sustainable manner? Will your changes be compatible with the next version of the framework? How do you contribute to open source projects?

These are some of the questions we have answered for organisations large and small. To find out how to make the most of open source in your business, get in touch.