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boy 2.0

boy 2.0 Ben Elias Tisdale-Hall sign with photo

On Thursday November 29, 2007 at 04:54 AEDT, Ben Elias Tisdale-Hall was born at the Angliss Hospital's Family Birth Centre! He was a big 4.14kg (or 9lb 2oz) boy. All doing well.

Here is a quick changelog for those who are interested.

  • 0100 Julie wakes up with early labour signs
  • 0200 Julie tries waking me up
  • 0205 I finally come to my senses and get up
  • 0215 We ring the hospital
  • 0250 We arrive at the hospital
  • 0454 Our little bundle of joy arrives into the world
  • 1 Dec 2007 Julie and I finally agree on the name

Noah is really getting into being a big brother. Having Julie's mum around has made things a lot easier. Second time around everything seem to come more naturally, but it is more chaotic with 2 little ones to look after.

Later this week I should catch up on my mail and RSS feeds