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Some Call it Art

Let me start by making it clear that I am not advocating aerosol art on private property without consent of the owner, let alone "tagging". At the same time, I am a fan of aerosol art that is done properly.

I generally find the commute to work pretty boring, especially the walk to and from the station/office. I am always on the lookout for things to bring some joy into my day. A little while I ago I saw (photographed on my crappy phone camera) some stickers which I found pretty amusing.

Photo of 'I spray AU sticker' taken near Camberwell Railway Station, Victoria, Australia
Photo of 'Color your city' sticker, taken off Riversdale Road Camberwell

Looks like someone has started an advocacy campaign.

I think both are pretty well done, especially the thought and skill that went into the "color your city" one. In the case of the stickers, I come down clearly on the side of art.

New Mac PC ads

Novell has released a couple of new ads for Linux which are a spoof of Apple's Mac PC ads. They are quite well done. If you prefer the ogg or mpeg versions. If you prefer the ogg or mpeg versions. Note: This is not an endorsement of Novell's products or its deal with Microsoft, just their sense of humor.