New phpGroupWare Release is Out

I have spent a little bit of time on phpGroupWare the last couple of evenings. The main motivator was becoming aware of CVE-2007-4048. The release also improved our PHP 5 support and there was the mandatory "various bug fixes" thrown in for good measure.

Download and enjoy!

I hope to have some time to work on some stuff in HEAD soon. Johan's syncML stuff has me excited about hacking on phpGW.

Ubuntu Feisty Released

The Ubutnu team have released 7.04 aka Fesity Fawn. It is a great release.

My top 3 features are:

  1. Gecko is used as the rendering engine in liferea, which is a big improvement
  2. obexftp support available for gnome-vfs, makes moving content on and off my phone a lot easier
  3. Reliable ZeroConf support in rhythmbox, no need to reindex many gigs of music on multiple machines all the time

There is nothing that I really dislike about the release. The minor annoyances so far are, evolution seems less stable than under edgy and my preferred wallpaper was dropped.

I will be playing with new installs of edubuntu and xubuntu over the next week or so. I will post something on them if I get time.