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phpGroupWare @ Solutions Linux 2008?

Over the last few years phpGroupWare has been involved with the Solutions Linux Conference and Expo in Paris. We have had speakers at workshops promoting the project. In 2008 we may even be exhibiting - that is still being finalised.

Solutions Linux is one of the biggest events on the French FOSS business calendar. Given phpGW's large french user base, it is appropriate that we are represented at the event.

One issue I have with SL is their website. Most of it is bi lingual which is great. The downside is their signup form. That is an ASP.NET page running on IIS stuffed into an IFRAME. It is bad enough using MS technology to promote an event which claims it is "dedicated to the exchange of free software solutions for business, public services and administrations", but to use a broken script is pretty form in my book. Someone really should recode it in PHP so it fits with the rest of the site.

Solutions Linux 2008 Registration page with ASP,NET error screenshot

Ignoring the problems with the website, I would love to attend SL2008, but i doubt I will have the spare (time or) cash for the trip. Our french team is competent and growing so I am sure they will do a great job.