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Travelling, Speaking, Scaling and Aegiring

The next couple of months are going to be a crazy ride. I will be visiting at least 7 countries, speaking on 8 or more days in a 5 week period. The talks will be focused on Drupal and Aegir. My schedule is below.

Horizontally Scaling Drupal - Melbourne

On 7 August I'll be running a 1 day workshop around the theme of horizontally scaling Drupal. The content is built on the knowledge I developed building, deploying and managing around 2100 sites for a client. This event has very limited capacity and has almost sold out.

DrupalCon - Denmark

Denmark is hosting the European leg of DrupalCon this year. I will be attending the full conference. I won't be presenting, but I will be getting involved with some of the BoFs. I had a ball at DrupalCon San Francisco earlier in the year.

Efficiently Managing Many Drupal Sites - Slovakia

After spending a couple of days recovering from DrupalCon, I'll be teaming up with the crew at Sven Creative in Bratslavia, to run a 2 day intensive workshop on horizontally scaling Drupal and development workflows. For more information check out the workshop website.

Free Software Balkans - Albania

On the weekend of 11-12 September, the inaugural Free Software Balkans Conference will be held at the University of Vlore, Albania. I'll be there speaking about Drupal and Aegir. In addition to this I will be running half day build your first Drupal site workshops around the country. The dates and locations for the workshops are still being finalised.

OSI Days - India

On my way back to Australia I will be taking a side trip to Chennai, via Delhi, for OSI Days 2010, Asia's largest open source conference. I will be presenting sessions on Aegir and Drupal. This looks like it will be a huge event.

Other Events

I've launched a new site workshops.davehall.com.au to list my training and speaking engagements. As dates are locked in I'll be adding them to the site.

If you would like to meet with me while I'm on the road, add me to your tripit network, follow me on identi.ca or twitter or add me to your network on LinkedIn.

Missing Software Freedom Conference Kosova

Today I should be in Prishtina Kosovo running Drupal workshops at the first Software Freedom Conference Kosova. Unfortunately due to work and family commitments I had to decline the invitation. I hope to make it there next year.

I will also be missing out on DrupalCon Paris next week too.

Sometimes it sucks to be in Australia, especially when Europe is so far away and so many cool things happening there too.

Should I do a Presentation @ linux.conf.au 2008?

This is a question I have been asking myself a bit over the last week or so, ever since I learned the linux.conf.au call for presentations were open. I am leaning more towards not. My reasons are pretty simple. Here they are in no particular order

The first issue is pretty easily dealt with, I just need to think harder. The second problem involves a sub $100 investment. It is the last problem that worries me.

I did a presentation at LCA in Dunedin in 2006. I had my slides ready to go, I had my demo ready to go, I had my example links ready to go, I had my speaking notes ready to go, I even got to the room about 15 mins early. I hooked my laptop up and it wouldn't work with the projector, I tried a few things (mostly xorg.conf hacks), still nothing. My talk was due to start in a few minutes and I still had no picture, by now I had a few people helping, but to no avail. Almost 10mins after the start time I had a borrowed laptop up and running, but it wouldn't mount my USB key. I borrowed a USB hard drive and copied the files over. 15mins after starting time, I was ready to go. I still didn't have my demo available (which was on my laptop) and I couldn't easily pull up the links.

The me talking part of my talk lasted about 30 mins and I felt like I was dying from start to finish. I was pretty relived by the end of it. I think at least half the audience wished they went to Tridge's talk.

If I do change my mind about speaking at LCA in 2008, the 3 things I will do differently are:

  • Test my laptop during the miniconfs to make sure it will work
  • Have a backup laptop arranged before the start time of my talk and test it
  • Have multiple copies of my slides on paper, just in case the projector doesn't work

Either way I should be attending LCA next year, especially as it in my home town.