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Howto get a Public IP on Vodafone's 3G Network in Australia

Vodafone in Australia offers a pretty good mobile data plan - 5Gb for $39.95 per month. They have recently upped the price to $49.95 p/m.

Unlike 3, vodafone doesn't offer a public IP addresses to their "mobile broadband" customers. Vodafone pitch this as a business product. I don't agree with it, but I can see how you could justify only offering a NAT'd IP address when using your handset to access the internet or maybe even as a tethered modem. Such logic can't be sustained when offering a HSDPA modem as a "mobile broadband" service. If it is mobile "broadband" then it should be similar to a fixed line broadband service.

After discovering VF only offer a handful of gateways for their data customers, I tried finding out about getting a dynamic public IP address.

To cut a long story short, after 4 calls to data support, and about the same to corporate support, I was at a dead end. Consumer data support told me that I needed to talk to Corporate data support, who wouldn't talk to me as I wasn't a corporate customer.

Eventually I gave up and called the TIO, who, as always were great. I then called the Vodafone complaints team who struggled with all the details of broadband, public IPs, gateway IPs, various service acronyms and the terms which I had agreed to.

After a few more phone calls and waits I was finally awarded my dynamic static IP address. They add something to your account to give you access to the full access APN which gives you a public IP and no port restrictions. For the record the APN is "internet", instead of the normal "vfinternet.au", but this won't work unless VF enable it for you. I some how think Vodafone award access as a prize for persistence.

I did a quick check on the vf.au site again tonight and it seems the small print is the same, so if you sign up for the service I think you have good ground for getting a public dynamic IP like I did. It will just take jumping through a few hoops.

Update: The title should have read public not static IP.

Vodafone Service Enquiry Response

Yesterday afternoon I received a txt message from my CALLscreen. service. The message was as follows:


That was it. No "call me back on 555 1234" or "will call you back later on today". Notice the use of your and you instead of you're and your?

Here is a list of issues I currently have with the service:

  • About 10% of my calls go straight to CALLscreen, even when I not on the phone, no missed call or anything. My handset is a SE v600i
  • My Nokia 6280 which was purchased under a 2 contract is almost useless yet my contract has 11 months to run. The warranty ran out at about the same as the phone stuffed up.
  • I would switch the phone I have on the Talk&TXT plan over to the $29 Jumbo Cap, but this is only available on prepaid.
  • 3G enabled the Tecoma tower, so I can get 3G call the way home from work
  • The Delight offers every 12 months is a nice touch, I am looking forward to getting a swiss army knife and magazine.

I would also be interested in seeing if I could get a better deal than the following, all postpaid on one bill.

  • The old $79 Super Cap (the one with CALLscreen included) with about 11 months to run
  • Talk&TXT with a monthly spend of about $40
  • 1Gb UMTS mobile data through Virgin $30 per month
  • 365 Plan prepaid mobile for sending the occasional txt message when a server falls over, this one isn't important

I have an ABN if that makes any difference to what can be offered.

If anyone has any ideas please feel free to leave a comment.

I would have been happy go through all of this Erin yesterday, but I wasn't given the opportunity to do so.

PS If you want to give me a Nokia N95 I will happily accept it and review it here after 2 weeks of use. hint hint :)