Mugshot, what's the point?

I noticed a few geeks had mentioned mugshot in their blogs (sorry too lazy to dig up references), so I signed up. I am not that impressed so far. I have created a profile page, which sort of resembles a cut down version of my liferea RSS feeds. I joined some groups, and created a phpGroupWare group, which just allows others to join the group and receive the group's feeds via their "stacker". This is very web 2.0 and "cool", but I am still wondering "why?".

In their FAQ, mugshot says, they are

an open project to create live social experiences around entertainment.

There is also a desktop app for Linux or Windows which allows users to view their stacker on their desktop, show what music you are listening to, or chat to users in your groups. The software also offers an opt-in system to allow you to give Red Hat info about which apps you are using. Both the mugshot web app and desktop software are "open source", but the licensing seems a little confusing - even to me.

Mugshot allows you to link various web 2.0 profiles and data sets to your profile. I managed to add my business site, my blog, my AIM account, my del.icio.us bookmarks (sporadically updated), stories i have dugg and my LinkedIn profile. Mugshot doesn't allow me to add my XING profile (XING was formerly OpenBC) or any of my other IM networks. There were other social networking/web 2.0 sites which I don't use which I could have added.

Other than a showing off which projects I like, which web 2.0 services I use and to tell Red Hat what software I use, I don't see the point of mugshot. Am I missing something?

Web 2.0 Design Patterns Gallery

Interesting web 2.0 design patterns. Might be something useful for phpGroupWare in it.

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Cool looking browser based application development tool. Could be an interesting replacement for eTemplate in phpGroupWare.